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Freddy P. James, a retired high school principal, attendance supervisor and lover of horses, moved to English Creek Community when he got married. There he met Clifford Gray, an elderly gentleman who taught Freddy about horses. When Clifford passed away, Freddy's dad bought the property and left it to Freddy. Freddy had been using the property for a hay field. There was also an old farmhouse on the property. One fall, Freddy began cleaning the creek bank to make the hay field larger. He then realized what a perfect spot it would make for a campground.


Freddy's wife, Beth, a retired kindergarten teacher, grew up on the banks of English Creek. Both wanted to share their experience of English Creek by building English Creek Campground and using Clifford's barn to keep traveling horses.


And so, the old farmhouse came down and construction began. Today you can visit, with or without a horse, and share in the history and experience of English Creek, in the middle of God's country, for yourself. Give us a call today!

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